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About the Book: Word power made easy by Norman Lewis is one of the most amazing book I came across in recent days. It is the most effective vocabulary builder in English language of all time. The simple, step by step method described in the book will increase your knowledge and mastery of English language with regular practice.

About the Author: Norman Lewis was an author, grammarian, lexicographer and etymologist. He had a leading authority on English language skills, whose best selling 30 DAYS TO POWERFUL VOCABULARY published by POCKET BOOKS in 1971.
My review
Title: The title “Word Power made Easy” is so perfect and totally justified as per the content.
Cover: The cover is to the point without any unnecessary drama and gives us a clear picture of what is there for us.
Blurb: The blurb portion is written and edited well. It asks some direct questions to the reader whereby it’s easy to understand of what the book has to offer.
Content: This is an exclusive book and you won’t be getting another second piece of it like this kind. It is a thick book over 700 pages. It is the best and quickest means to better vocabulary in the English language. Each chapter ends with a review. Each section ends with a progress check. Numerous tests will help you to increase and retain your knowledge you acquired. This book does more than adding words in your vocabulary. It teaches ideas and methods of broadening knowledge as an integral part of vocabulary building process. You don’t just read this book rather you have to practice this book. The more time you give the more enriching your experience will be. Once you complete the book you will no longer be the same person, your knowledge will enhance a lot. I recommend this book to everyone no matter for which competitive exams you are preparing. It will add to your success in the long run.

Overall Rating:- 5\5

Love will Find a Way by Dipanjana Nath

About the book:-  It’s a tale about Monika’s Life- the main protagonist of the story, her bonding with Keith and the consequences of their serendipitous encounter form the essence of the story. “A story of bonding” and “A story of betrayal”, the story will take you on a roller coaster ride of feelings and emotions.

About the Author:-  Dipanjana Nath, software engineer by profession and an Author by passion. After publishing Scandalous Disclosure, a romantic novel in 2015 and Unrequited, a collection of love stories 2018, Dipanjana came up with her third book Love will Find a Way.

My review

Title:- “Love will find a way” the title of the story is absolutely apt and engrossing. The title grasp the reader’s attention and provoke them to turn on the page. What I personally like the most is that there is a positive aspect in it which creates a strong impression in the mind of the readers and willingness to read the book increases.

Cover:- The cover of the book is youthful and refreshing. It sets the premise of the story to develop. It gives an exact picture of what the book has to offer. I absolutely loved the whole concept, the graphics, design and everything.

Blurb:- The blurb portion is elaborated with detail description of what the book has to offer. The best part of it is that various questions have asked to the reader which creates curiosity in the mind of their mind and their willingness to read the book increases even more. It’s definitely a smart and an effective approach.

Content:-  The story revolves around Molina’s life and her equation with her husband Sukumar, her close friend Riya and Keith, and how different phases of Molina’s life evolves and develops with change in scenario and circumstances have been described in the book beautifully. A radical rise and fall of emotions, surprises, shocks, fathomable and unfathomable thrills will contribute to the journey of Love will find a Way. If you love reading romantic novels then you will love this book. But one drawback that I felt is that the content has been stretched and dragged too much. If the content was little more crisps then the essence of the story would have came out in a better way. The dragged narrative and elaborate description leads to little lose of interest in some portions. However overall it’s a nice attempt.
Overall rating 3\5

Wednesday, 25 September 2019


Product Description

Pages- 349
P-ISBN: 978-93-5357-076-7
E-ISBN: 978-93-5357-077-4

About The Book: NARASIMHA- THE MAHAAVATAR TRILOGY (Book 1) by Kevin Missal.
“Divided by Fate, United by Tragedy”: This tagline is the intrinsic element on which the entire story has been built up. The main plot along with other parallel subplots has been woven with the single thread. Their stories are different but the “Tragedy” is the common factor in each and every character that binds them together.
Narasimha- Avatar of Vishnu, Prahlad- Vishnu Bhakt and Hiranyakashyap- Asura King, are the lead characters of the story. But there are several other characters, equally important and you simply cannot ignore them. All the characters have contributed in their own way and played a significant role in the epic saga.
Well, this is not the accurate tale of Lord Narasimha, a warrior who is half-man, half-lion, from the world of Illavarti (fictionalized fantastical version of the Vedic Age), the fourth avatar of Lord Vishnu, but just the re-imagination version of it. The overarching tale is similar to the mythology. Different stories have been switched together for the narrative consistency.

About the Author: Kevin Missal wrote his first book at the age of 14. His First two books in his Kalki series being the runaway success.

My Review:

Title: The title “Narasimha”- The Mahaavatar Triology is precise, apt and just to the point without any ambiguity.

Cover: The cover is bright, colorful and perfectly sets the ambience of the storyline giving a clear indication of what is there stored for the readers and perfectly depicts the plot without any prejudice.

Blurb: The blurb is written and edited well with the proper introduction of the three main lead. It successfully sets the background of the premise.

Content: Hands down! To one of the finest mythology fiction I have read so far. Reading this book was an amazing experience. The storyline, the plot twist, the characters and each and every aspect of this fiction is outlandish. The vocabulary is absolutely admirable. The way it has been written with detail elaboration and specifying minute details is fantastic. The best part of this book is the character description. All the characters starting from the king to the servant every character has been described specifically. We get to know about each and every character in details and can emotionally connect with them. Readers won’t be able to take side of any of the character as every character has been portrayed like the color “grey” neither black nor white. Though first half can be a little boring but as the story progress readers will be completely engrossed in it. The climax is just like the cherry on the cake. No unnecessary melodrama, no unnecessary cheesy romance but an absolute master piece. If you are mythology fan just like me then you just can’t afford to miss this gem. I eagerly waiting for it’s second addition.
Overall rating 5\5.

Tuesday, 24 September 2019


Product Details
Paperback-167 pages
Publisher- Fingerprint
Language- English
ISBN: 978 93 8917 822 7

About The Book: “Shadow of the Past” by Mayank Manohar shows how life throws up tough choices that often control your life, forcing you to carry baggage of your past. In this process, you can either keep running away from your past for your entire life or you can embrace your past and accept it. The story is about three young people crippled by their own past and insecurities. How their past will affect their life? Will it destroy them completely? Or their life will give them another chance to redeem what is lost?

About the Author: Mayank Manohar is an engineer-turned-journalist and has worked with Times of India as a Senior Correspondent for four years. He is presently working with SEED CSR as communication manager. “Shadow of the Past” is his debut novel.

My review:

Title: “Shadow of the Past” is the ideal title for the book. I can’t absolutely think of any other title that can go better with the content. The Title exactly points out what author wants to convey through his novel.

Cover: The cover is designed well. A woman and a man are standing in the opposite direction and their shadow facing each other. This clearly indicates the main theme of the story. But what I liked most is how the word “past” has been written boldly in the color red putting an extra emphasis on it.

Blurb: The blurb has been written well in crisp but clearly explains us the backdrop of the storyline. The lead characters have been introduced there itself, giving us a hint of exactly what the book has to offer.

Content: In this book, the content is the king. It is the key highlight of the book. In simple lucid language the way author describes the whole story is praise worthy. You can very well connect with the story and with each of the character. The story is surely going to make you emotional. The lead character Lavanya, goes through a lot of emotional turmoil and on the other hand Rehan who is crippled by a lot of complexities in his own mind, makes their love story unique and interesting. Arpita, who is Rehan’s close friend find herself attracted towards him and falls for him creating a love triangle, but with a little twist in it. The message of the story is strongly conveyed to the audiences and I absolutely loved the way it has been depicted. However the best part of the book which many of the books fails to achieve is audience engagement. It will keep you hooked till the end. I was so engrossed that I completed the book in a single go. Being a debut novel of the author it’s definitely outlandish but if the author could have given more time in the character development of Lavanya and Arpita then it could have enhanced the story even more.
I highly recommend this book. It’s totally worth the money.
Overall rating 4/5

Monday, 16 September 2019

Making A Poem By Vihang A Naik

Product details
·            Paperback: 49 pages
·            Publisher: Authorspress; 2 edition (2018)
·            Language: English
·            ISBN- 978-93-87281-29-5

About the Book

“Making a Poem” is a powerful affecting collection of poetry that sheds a fascinating light upon the writing process and poet’s personal aesthetics. These are eloquent pieces where the poet displays a confident command of the poetry form to bring his ideas and observation to life. 

About the Author

Vihang A Naik, contemporary poet writing in English, widely published and won many awards. His collections include City Times and Other Poems (1993), Making A Poem (2004) and many others.

My Review:

Title: The Title “Making A Poem” is intriguing and striking. It creates curiosity in the mind of the readers and grasps their attention.

Cover: The cover has an intellectual touch in it. The dark black background with a grayish touch makes it look mysterious. It perfectly sets the mood and goes wholly with the content.

Content: The book carries a bunch of poems. If you are a poetry lover then can go for it. The poems have a deep underlying meaning to it which makes it more interesting and engaging. According to me, the best part is, you can have different perception of one single piece. It’s not only limited to a single conclusion. I feel that’s the beauty of a good poem it makes you think out of the box. I feel the poet successfully did so. However I felt that this book is not for the masses. It has its own audiences who will understand it. Otherwise I feel it’s a good attempt and hope to see more such content from the writer.

Rating- 3/5

Saturday, 7 September 2019

Book Review: Her Prince Charming By Sundari Venkatraman

Her Prince Charming Paperback – 7 Mar 2019

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Product description

It's instantaneous attraction when Tanuja Bhatia from Delhi meets Raj Malhotra from Bombay at the Bombay Central Station. The mutual attraction soon blossoms into love over the next couple of meetings. Tanuja and her simple father fail to see the crisis brewing in their own home. Her not-so-nice stepmother Gurinder is totally against the idea of Tanuja meeting her Prince Charming which would make her step-sister Harpreet seriously envious. By the way, Harpreet's main aim in life is to simply make her half-sister miserable. While Raj's parents and Tanuja's father try to arrange a marriage between the two with the help of a mutual friend, the evil stepmother comes up with a plan of her own--to marry her stepdaughter off to Sonu, a good-for-nothing idiot. Can Her Prince Charming lift Tanuja out of this life of drudgery and boredom and give her the happiness she deserves?

Product details

  • Paperback
  • Publisher: Flaming Sun (7 March 2019)
  • ISBN-10: 9353464846
  • ISBN-13: 978-9353464844

My Review:-

Title: The title of this book is attractive. It seems there is a lady who dreams of her charming prince and the whole story revolves around him and her. After reading the title, readers will be very excited to know who The Prince Charming is and what is going to happen with him. It is so interesting.

Cover: In the cover, there are two persons- one man and one woman, and a train. Strange thing is the faces of both persons are half visible in the cover and the rest half portion is cut. Readers couldn’t identify the meaning of doing it. But once reader will finish the story inside the book he or she will easily understand the meaning. It’s a unique idea of designing such kind of cover. I’m not going to disclose what the meaning of doing such kind of cover designing is. I appreciate this idea.

Blurb: The blurb portion has been written and edited well. It’s short but well enough to make us understand what is going to happen inside the book and it attracts the readers to read the story.

Content: The content has been written and edited well. Author has narrated the story very well. Author has used simple words and lucid language so that any reader can understand the meaning of each word and understand the meaning of the story. It’s a story of Romance, Family-drama, Relationship, Friendship and crime. I would recommend this book to any kind of readers who likes to read books. This is nice book and it can teach us many lessons – How to behave with elders, How to control anger, How to handle the critical situation, How to solve problems without disturbing anyone, How to be a well-mannered person, How to keep maintaining friendship, How to keep maintaining relationship, How to achieve your goal and How to be happy within yourself. The author has done a wonderful job by creating such kind of story. She has nailed it. I don’t write spoiler to my readers while writing a review. Meanwhile, there is a girl whose mother has passed away and her father has married another woman to handle his family and she becomes her step daughter though she has her two own daughters, so the family revolves around the five members. The relationship between step-mother and the protagonist girl is not well. Even her step- sisters think she is a maid of their home, nothing else. But her father loves her very much. Suddenly the story takes another more where The Prince Charming comes to the field and introduces himself in the story. Actually the protagonist girl meets her prince charming in a sudden and falls in love with him and the story continues. If you want to know how they met each-other and how the situation of the lady protagonist was in her home, how she tackled her all obstacles and how she led a happiness life, you have to read this book. Author has plotted the story very well and all characters are characterized well.

Overall Ratings: 5/5

Marketing at the Age of Trump

What is the first thing that popped up in your mind when the title “marketing at the age of trump” caught your attention?

Well! Well! Don’t worry this is not a political blog, but has just a little twist in the tale!
So what is your answer? Which is that word? Is it Marketing or Donald Trump- U.S President?

So, basically it’s all about marketing in today’s generation in the age of modern India or Digital India. Therefore from the political aspect can’t we say it is also about marketing in the age of Trump?

Social media promotion plays one of the key factors in marketing at the present times. The use of social media has amplified in recent years. Not only the young generation but the middle aged people are hooked on internet or smart phone at present days. Emergence of Social media proved to be a total game changer and an icing on the top, in the field of marketing. Social media is not only confined within the boundaries of sharing pictures and getting likes and shares but it’s something beyond it. Social media is a powerful medium to reach out your customers and directly interacting with them. If you are not using facebook, twitter, instagram and pinterest to build up a cordial relationship with your audiences, you’re missing out! Great marketing on social media can bring a remarkable success to your business.

Social media promotion start with a plan!

There are some questions whose answer you must find out.

·         What are you hoping to achieve through social media marketing?
·         Who are your target audiences?
·         Where your target audience would hang out and how would they use social media?
·         What message or information you want convey to your audiences?
How social media will help you to grow your business with time?
·         Increasing website traffic
·         Building brand awareness
·         Improving communication and interaction with the key audiences.

The factor which plays a key role in marketing on social media to kick start your career?
·         Social media content planning
·         Great social media content
·         A consistent brand image
·         Tracking customer’s reaction and analyzing the competitors
·         Crisis management and etc.

Statistics shows that there are almost 2.77 billion social media users all over the globe in 2017. Within India itself there are 627 million internet users. So, can you guess the number of consumers one can reach by using social media promotion judiciously? So the opportunity is huge! One just needs to grab it!

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Product details

Format: Paperback
Print Length: 130 pages
Sold by: StoryMirrior Infotect Private Limited  
Language: English
ISBN: 978-93-88698-12-2

About the book

Vindoni write letters to her adolescent son before he leaves his homeland as an international student. These letters are an attempt to address A to Z of important life skills. They elaborate on how to handle important life skills and various situations, curveballs and even emotions to assist him on his journey of adulthood. She touches upon sensitive topics including anger management, depression and even infatuation as well as practical tips such as setting goals based on her own experiences in life.

About the Author

Vinodini Parimi is a mother to a nerdy 20-year old computer science student cum aspiring cinematographer from Baroda. She is a design professional who reconnected her childhood love for writing through her short stories and travelogues.

My Review

Title: The title “Before you are not little anymore” is an innovative attempt blends perfectly with the storyline. It creates a curiosity among the readers as they want to explore more and gets eager to read. 
Cover: According to me, the best part of the book is the cover! Absolutely in love with it! The design, the graphics and the color combination is impeccable. It goes flawlessly with the concept. It creates the correct ambience for the story and tempts the audience to turn the page.

Blurb: The blurb portion is written and edited well. It gives a clear picture of what the book is going to offer us.

Content: The writing style of the author is very different and unique. It is written in the form of letters which is divided into various chapters. “One chapter, one letter” is the theme of the book. Every letter is different from the other. In each of the letter she touches on a particular emotion be it anger, confidence or any other aspect. This book is a must read for every teenager or an 18 year old who is going through a transition phase from school to college in their life. The book significantly portrays the emotions of a mother and beautifully conveys the message that ever mother wants to tell to their child. We can say that this book is a mother and son conversion and through this conversation she wants to address to her audience in general. Undoubtedly it’s a great attempt but I feel somewhere the content becomes a little monotonous and looses the charm as we proceed further. The message and vocabulary is great but if it was written in a more interesting way then the audience would have been more engrossed into the story. Overall it’s a nice attempt to try out something new!

      OVERALL RATING:- 3\5

Monday, 2 September 2019

Book Review: Kanpur Khoofiya Pvt. Ltd By Richa S Mukherjee

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Kanpur Khoofiya Pvt. Ltd Paperback 

About the book:-
Meet Mr Prachand Tripathi, private investigator and owner of Kanpur Khoofiya Pvt Ltd. Accustomed to tracking down missing pets and cheating lovers, he is about to have his world change completely when a new case requires him to tail actress Shailaja Kapoor. What seems like a simple request turns into a dramatic dive into her murky past, wading through which is not going to be easy. Or safe. Soon Prachand and his wife, and partner against crime, Vidya, fall under the glare of the police as Shailaja Kapoor is abducted right before their eyes. Now he must put his skills to the test before they become victims at the end of a dark and dangerous game.

Product details

  • Paperback: 296 pages
  • Publisher: Black Ink; 1 edition (25 August 2019)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 9353571510
  • ISBN-13: 978-9353571511

 The title of this book is extraordinary as it seems a registered private detective office’s name. After reading the title any reader will pay hisoor her attention to it and wish to know more about it. It’s a unique idea of keeping such kind of title. I must appreciate such kind of thought.

Cover: It is designed so wisely that can easily capture anyone’s eyes on it. In fact, I was overwhelmed by it. In my first attempt I didn’t catch that it was a customized cover rather it was seemed a handmade door where “Kanpur Khoofiya Pvt. Ltd.” Was written and a statue of a man who must be a detective knowing by his appearance was there. It’s a mind-blowing work by the designer. No one could ever easily pick up that the obstacles in the cover are not real.

The blurb has been written and edited well. After reading the blurb one can understand a suspense thrilling story is inside the book. One will easily pay one’s attention to this book by observing the charm of the short blurb.

The story has been narrated and edited well. Author has used lucid language to make readers understand the meaning of each word. In my review, I don’t reveal the story. You can say I would not like to spoil the storyline. Author has nailed it by writing such kind of detective story. It’s a story of a detective who was not a popular detective and would not get a chance to work for a big project. Fortunately he got a project of tailing someone that became a huge trouble for him and family. But the story was changed when he got success of revealing the truth over his unfortunate luck. Reader will not be bored by this story. Somewhere in between seriousness, there was family comedy drama that took this story in another level. All characters are characterized well. While reading this story all characters will be blossomed in front of your eyes like a movie. I like the writing style of the Author. Moreover I liked everything in this book. I would recommend this book to all. It’s a well-designed and well-presented book. Here you will get everything - family drama, friendship, relationship,  customs of the society , love, hate and regret. It's a master-piece.

Overall Ratings : 5/5

Tuesday, 20 August 2019

Book Review: Game Of Life By Arpan Ghosh

Game Of Life by [Ghosh, Arpan]
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Book Review: Game of Life

By Arpan Ghosh

Product details

  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • File Size: 470 KB
  • Print Length: 63 pages
  • Sold by: Amazon Asia-Pacific Holdings Private Limited
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B07VNKV49D

Product Description

Suhani , a brave beauty who took pitfalls at almost every step in life finally finds a soothing corner in form of love.
Nonetheless she could never really know who he is until someone decides to take advantage of their innocent bond and the only good thing about Suhani’s life gets into jeopardy.
Will she ever discover who her true love really was? Or would she have to live with a void for all her life?

About the author
Arpan Ghosh is one of those writers who have the need of writing just as much oxygen. This time, he comes with an all new romantic tale. He’s fond of travelling and believes writing is a way of expression for the language of not only mind, but hearts too!

My review:-
Title: The Title “Game of Life” is definitely apt with the storyline. It is short and simple depicting exactly the content of the story.

Cover: The cover is okay but it could have been more interesting. There were two catchy word in the title “Game” and “Life”, so many creative graphics could have been made to make it more attractive. I personally felt not much effort has been put in designing the cover.

About The Book:
“The past is a place of reference, not a place of residence; the past is a place of learning, not a place of living.” ― Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart
The depth of this quote has been beautifully crafted through this book. You will get emotionally connected with the story. If Life is a Game then Suhani-The protagonist of the story is a real player. The story revolves around Suhani’s life, her struggles and her tragedies. At the end of all ups and downs whether she will succeed or not in her “Game of Life” to know that you have to read the book. 
Starting from “The City of Joy”- Kolkata to “One of the Most Cleanest City in India”- Vishakhapattanam, or more popularly known as Viezag, places have been described beautifully and author has successfully transferred the readers from one place to another. The emotions, the impulsiveness and the frustrations of the character have been beautifully penned down by the author.

This book follows the protagonist emotional roller costal ride as she tries to overcome the deplorable incidents of her past life. This story is not something exceptional. Many Indian girls will be able to relate with it because at some point or the other we all have gone through similar phases.

Content: If you are looking for some fantasy and over the top love story then you might get disappointed. But if you are interested to read real life relatable stories of any ordinary individual then this book is apt for you. There is a feel good factor about the story and will give you a lot of positive vibes. The characters in the book are quite relatable. In certain portions you will find a parallel story is going on with the main story line. This book has kept its content quite short and crisp. Every incident of the protagonist’s life has been explained in a nutshell. I personally felt that if the Author could have described the first half of the story in details then audiences would have connected with it in a better way. Well, there is a twist in the tale in the second half which will keep the audience engaged till the end. The best part of the book is that it is written in simple lucid language. There are no such complexities in the story line and is apt for the new readers. The book has an inspiring and motivational storyline and will give a light of hope to the individuals going through depression in their life. This is definitely a good attempt of an aspiring writer and will definitely influence young talent to come up their content.

Overall Rating 3\5

Sunday, 28 July 2019

Book Review: The Last Ball Six By Pradeep Kapoor

The Last Ball Six Paperback – 15 Mar 2019

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Product details

  • Paperback: 254 pages
  • Publisher: Amaryllis (15 March 2019)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 9388241568
  • ISBN-13: 978-9388241564

About the book:- 
A Racy, Hilarious Saga of a Mad, Mad Indian Cricket Fan

If cricket could be equated to religion, Tijinder Tuteja or Titu would automatically qualify as Devotee Number One. Period. Cricket was the elixir of life for him.
Over time, Titu gets addicted to T20 - the new, bang-bang variety of cricket. His favourite team is the Punjab Pulverizers and his god is Khoobraj Singh, the PP's acest batsman. In a bit of a stroke of luck, Titu wins a couples entry-pass to the final match of BPL - the Bharatiya Premier League - the T20 cricket tournament on the face of this earth... and the cherry on the cake is that PP are going to be playing HH - the Haryana Hounds.
It turns out to be quite a humdinger of a match - sending Titu's heart-rate and blood pressure soaring with each passing minute. He turns very pale and begins to perspire copiously. But so engrossed is he in the match that he doesn't feel the gnawing pain creeping up his chest until suddenly, he collapses in his seat and his heart stops beating. Horrified, Tilottama, his wife, let's out a scream of despair which promptly gets lost in the excited, unrelenting uproar all around them.
What happens then? Does cricket manage to, quite literally, kill its biggest fan? Or does cricket, with one, final, life-saving stroke of its bat, manage to redeem the life of its biggest patron ever?
Who wins this match of life and death? Find out!

My Review:-

Title: The title seems interesting. After reading this title one can easily analyse the content is on Cricket. It depicts someone who is a batsman hits six to the last ball of either an over or the match. It can attract readers to its.

Cover: The cover is good. It matches with the title. In cover, there is a batsman who hits a ball with his bat very hard and the ball is flying over the sky. The colour of the whole cover is white as the colour is the sign of Peace; the author might have thought to make us understand that Cricket is a game of Gentlemen that always spreads peace all over the world.

Blurb: The blurb portion is written and edited well. It can give you a short description about what is going to happen inside the book. All cricket lovers can easily be attracted to read this book.

Content: The storyline is good. Author has plotted the content very well. The content has been narrated and edited well. It’s a story of a mad Indian cricket fan, Titu who gets addicted to T20 cricket and his favourite player is Khoobraj Singh and the story goes on. Now a days T20 format of Cricket is getting huge popularity rather than the other formats. Cricket fans prefer more to watch this format game. That’s why author might have got an idea to write a story on it. Author has used lucid language so that readers can easily understand the meaning of the story and he has used simple words. It’s a good story to read as a cricket lover. It’s a highly recommended book for cricket fans.

Overall Ratings:-3/5.

Technoledge: February,2019

Hello everyone, We're delightfully announcing that our second edition of 'Technoledge' magazine has been launched. Hope to s...