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Book Review:Beyond Scars By Alka Dimri Saklani

Beyond Scars Kindle Edition

Beyond Scars by [Saklani, Alka Dimri]

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Hi, I am Avinash, but this is not my story. This is the story of Avni, my sister. I know the smell of cement and bricks still pulls her to the incident seven years ago where she made a daring yet ruthless decision. I know she is drifting away. I know she has begun to find comfort in Vivaan. But I don’t know if I like it.

Hi, I am Avni, but this is not my story. This is the story of Vivaan, the stunning, vivacious painter. There is something sad about the paintings he has locked away from the world in his storeroom. But he never talks about it. But then there are a lot of things he doesn’t talks about, like how deeply he loves me.

And what about Dev and Kangana? Isn’t this their story too? It wouldn’t have been if only we did one single thing differently on that ill-fated night, the night that changed the course of our destiny. And hey, I am Vivaan.

And what about me? Why does nobody talk about me? Or talk to me? Because I am a little girl or because…Well, this is my story too. You will ask who I am? The answer lies somewhere in the pages of BEYOND SCARS.

My Review:-

Title: The title is so meaningful. It means beyond some permanent effects on someone's mind caused by some traumatic experiences. After reading the title and understanding the meaning of the title, anyone will be interested to read this book. The story reflects in the title.

Cover: In the cover, we see broken tiles and a pair of shoes seems a gentleman is standing there to observe the tiles as if those broken tiles remind him of his scars. The cover contains the inner meaning of the title and it has been made matching with the title.

Blurb: The blurb portion has been written and edited well. One can easily understand about the main protagonists and a little bit of the story. The blurb is short but is capable enough to carry the brief story of the book.

Storyline: The story is written and edited well. Author has narrated the story very wisely. I liked the story very much. Author has used simple words so that anyone can understand the meaning of the story. All characters are characterized well. All main protagonists have their own stories that have been revealed here. Protagonists wanted to hide their scars and did not want to move on. They all were living in their pas memories. They forgot their presents. But story turned to a shivering moment when their past memories were disclosed. If you want to know their stories you have to read this book.

Overall Ratings: 4/5.

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Book Blitz: The Last Humans By Steven M. Moore

 photo The Last Humans_zpspl8hdxq7.jpg
Post-Apocalyptic Thriller
Published: March 30, 2019
Publisher: Black Opal Books

 photo add-to-goodreads-button_zpsc7b3c634.png

The apocalypse kills billions—numbers so large that most survivors’ minds snap shut. Foes of the U.S. have attacked with a bio-engineered contagion that spreads around the world.  One of only a few survivors, Penny Castro, ex-USN diver and L.A. County Sheriff’s deputy, reacts differently. She fights back and creates a life for herself where death is the common denominator. On a forensic dive, she is interrupted. When she surfaces, she finds all her colleagues dead, so she has to battle starvation, thirst, and gangs of feral humans until she ends up in a USAF refugee camp. A post-apocalyptic thriller for our times, Penny’s adventures will entertain and shock you into asking, “Could this really happen?”

 photo The Last Humans Blitz_zpsbtkegt0c.jpg


One week later I learned the truth in the adage that you can be a victim of your own success. Even though I’d insisted that I didn’t want any more violence in my life—the trip to the Valley was more about curiosity almost killing this cat—the USAF now considered Ensign Penny as an asset, although a reluctant one.

“I’ve never been to Vandenberg,” I told Rodriguez.

He stood before me looking a bit forlorn. Couldn’t see him well from my camp chair with the blazing sun at his back. “If it’s any consolation, I tried to dissuade the colonel because I know you don’t want to participate.”

“Why do they think I’d want to participate?”

“One major reason: we airlifted someone from the Santa Maria area who had managed to cobble together a coded message we could recognize and broadcasted it at a radio station.”

Thought of my own broadcast. Wondered if it was still hitting the airwaves. Thought a moment more. “I’m guessing he’s from Vandenberg.”

“She. There’s a top secret satellite there Cheyenne Mountain wants us to recover, and she knows where it is.”

“So La Femme Nikita will be our guide to recover something completely useless?”

“Why useless? Cheyenne Mountain doesn’t think it’s useless. She doesn’t either.”

“How are you going to put it into orbit, flyboy?”

He upended a pail and sat near but still facing me. He looked around. “We—she thinks there’s still a rocket ready to launch there.” His voice was a whisper.

“Gee, why don’t you just use it to pay back the jerks who did this to us? Or bring back the astronauts and cosmonauts for burial?”

“The rocket can’t handle that kind of payload. Besides, the satellite is more important.”

“Describe it.”

“I can’t, but it will help this country get back on its feet again.”

“You mean that no comsats are online?”

He hadn’t changed expression when I made that deduction. “They’re still up there, but the Mountain can’t wake up all of them. There’s some evidence that enemy anti-sat missiles blasted the silent ones with EMP bursts just before the others carrying the plague hit the West Coast. And they weren’t just comsats that were affected. I can’t talk about details. Many of them are missing anyway. Key people who knew a lot died at the Mountain too.”

“I’ll need details.”

“You won’t get them. You’re considered a civilian.”

“But why should I help you then?”

“Because our survivor says your brother is in the group that took over the base. She barely escaped.”

My brother is alive! “Wait! You want me to convince him to surrender? No way. I can’t do that. Is that your second reason?” He nodded. “My brother and I have been estranged for years. I don’t want to even see the SOB again…ever!”

“Would you at least talk to Rebecca?”

“Is that the woman from Santa Maria?” He nodded. “Why would that accomplish anything?”

“You’ll see. Just talk to her. That’s not her name, by the way. We created an alias just for you.”

“Gee, thanks, for all your trust.”


“Looks like you could use some of this,” said Ben, sitting a half-filled bottle of Dewar’s on our little camp table that evening. Made our little tent in the refugee camp seem more homey.

“Only if you share some,” I said.

He pulled up the other camping chair. “You need it more than me, although I’ll take a few sips. Want to talk about it?”

I didn’t care about national security. Alejandro had said it: I’m a civilian! I told Ben everything I knew. “What should I do, Ben?”

He took a sip—I’d already downed half a water glass—and thought a moment. “It’s your decision, but I’d consider it an opportunity.” He waved a hand in a circle. “Everything has changed. The reasons for your estrangement with your brother are irrelevant now in these terrible times. It might be worthwhile to mend fences with the gentleman.”

Gentleman? I smiled. My Ben was such a gentle soul. How could he know how Bobby had treated Mom, how he took sides with Dad, and what a controlling jerk he had been in my life?

“You’re focusing on my brother,” I said. “What about that satellite?”

“If they’ll use it to beef up comlinks, it might be justified as a way to stitch the country back together again. Right now Hannibal and his jet pilot friends are about as good as the Pony Express was before telegraph and the railroads. All the com here is pretty local, unless somebody is willing to chance bringing TV and radio stations back online. Don’t see that happening anytime soon.”

“Maybe having the whole country connected wasn’t a good thing,” I said. “People would just get on their soapboxes and proselytize and other people would get angry about it and do the same thing. Smaller groups might get along better.”

“From a sociological and anthropological point of view, you might have something there. Homogeneous tribes got along because members who didn’t were thrown out. That’s easier to do within a small group. But even Native Americans, Egyptians, Macedonians, Greeks, and so forth formed cities, states, and empires, ones often evolving into despotic regimes.”

“Ben, I don’t need a history lesson about why human beings suck,” I said. “Small groups are like big families.”

“And big families can be ripped apart by contrary actions and opinions,” he said. “Yours is a case in point.”

“Which is why I’m very happy to have had the opportunity of choosing my present one,” I said with a smile. I’d long ago decided that Ben and Sammy were my family. Talk of my brother disturbed me.


I spent a night of insomnia thinking about my choices, even in the throes of my drunken stupor. I didn’t want to make a decision. I didn’t want to think about the USAF, the Navy, my government, or my brother. And I didn’t give a rat’s ass about Cheyenne Mountain.

The next day, Alejandro took me to see Rebecca. I think he would have done it even if I’d committed right away, but not doing that made it also a meeting for her to try to convince me.

I was left in a small conference room somewhere in some base building in Edwards. Figured it belonged to security because it looked like an interrogation room in my old sheriff’s substation. Waited about five minutes until there was a knock at the door. A woman entered, moved slowly around the table, and took a seat opposite me.

“You can call me Rebecca,” she said, placing hands palms down on the table’s edge. She seemed to be focused on the wall behind me, her gaze about six inches over my head. Huh? I then noticed the hands. They were prosthetics, maybe the best I’d ever seen, but prosthetics nonetheless. “You have heard the general outline of our problem. I’m here to answer your questions.”

“I’ll call you Becky,” I said. “You were picked up in Santa Maria? Were you at Vandenberg?”

“Yes. I’m a scientist. I was working there and living in Lompoc.”

No expression. I stood and went to the window to peer through the blinds and bars at an expanse of tarmac, much of it now sprouting weeds in the cracks of the asphalt and concrete, about the only thing that managed to grow without water, although even the weeds looked dry. Her eyes didn’t follow me.

She continued. “It’s no different than other bases. Andrews and Edwards are in better shape, though.”

“You follow my sound. Are you blind?”

“I’d probably be called just ‘legally blind’ years ago, but that definition was used by the authorities. Now it doesn’t matter.”

“Did that happen on Vandenberg?”

“Yes. A small group wreaked havoc, especially among the scientists. We were blamed, you see. I and a few others escaped.”

“Did you build military satellites?”

“Some of them. The one we want to launch in particular. Do you want me to elaborate on what we’ll use it for?”

“Military communications?”

“For now, the government is the military, and it’s handling most of its communications piggybacking on the military’s. This satellite will aid in that process and help bring the country back together.”

“And you think that’s a good thing?” I watched her body language. I had some interrogation training when I became a deputy. She didn’t realize that I was interrogating her; she probably thought she was there to convince me.

“It will help. It’s not the complete answer.” Her sideways response to my question annoyed me. “There will be no quick solutions.” Roger that! “We’re doing the best we can.”

“We? After all that happened to you, you’re still ready to aid the government? Don’t you think they share some of the responsibility?”

“Perhaps. After careful analysis, though, I think they don’t share much culpability.”

“You’re blind and with prosthetic hands, and you still say that?”

“Our government didn’t do that, Penny. I lost my eyesight and hands in an explosion caused by the group I mentioned. I survived. Many of us didn’t.”

“OK, why me? I have no favorites in this fight. I just want to live whatever life I have left in peace with my family.”

“Your brother was one of the leaders in that group.”

I returned to my chair and buried my head in my folded arms on the table. Oh, Bobby, what have you done?

I felt like crying because I could understand Bobby’s sentiments. I often figured that somehow our government had failed us. Supposed the Vandenberg scientists and technicians were the obvious scapegoats. Maybe all over the world? Maybe in whatever country or countries that launched the missiles carrying the plague? Politicians will pay scientists tons of money to do their dirty work, but that didn’t mean they were responsible. The politicians were like the pimps, the scientists like their whores.

“OK, tell me what you want me to do,” I said to Bec.

About the Author

 photo The Last Humans Author Steven M. Moore_zpsx0eck40r.jpg

Steven M. Moore is a native Californian who lived and traveled abroad before settling on the East Coast. The reader can observe in his fiction the great appreciation he has for diversity in character and culture and our common hopes and desires. His fiction work contains many novels in the mystery, thriller, and sci-fi genres, including four series and young adult novels. In The Last Humans, he returns to his native California to ponder a possible future.

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Book Spotlight: Orexi! By Theo Michaels

Feasting at the Modern Greek Table
by Theo Michaels
Photography by Mowie Kay
Published by Ryland Peters & Small
£16.99 / $19.95

Genre: Cookbook 

In this enticing collection of more than 80 recipes inspired by the flavours of Greece and Cyprus, MasterChef UK’s Theo Michaels pays homage to his family heritage, championing traditional dishes and sharing his own modern cooking.

Presenting a feast for the eyes as well as the tastebuds, his fresh and delicious food is organized into chapters entitled Meze, Sea, Land, Sun, Fire and Sundowners, evoking the Greek way of life.
You too can eat like a Greek by celebrating simplicity, seasonality, abundance, healthy balance and most importantly, the joy of sociable eating.
Beautiful food sings from these pages: from juicy watermelon, glossy kalamata olives, to fragrant oregano-roasted meats and delicate fish wrapped in vine leaves. Choose a selection of mouth-watering dips and sharing plates to create a Cypriot-style meze; enjoy the freshest fish and seafood, perfectly grilled or fried and served with nothing more than a dusting of salt flakes and a squeeze of lemon juice to season; cook tender yogurt-marinated lamb on skewers over charcoal and wrap it in fluffy homemade pita to experience souvlaki at home; or whip up vibrant vegetable and pulse dishes, from cracked wheat pourgouri to slow-cooked fasolia beans. Finally, make rich Greek desserts the sweet note to end your meal; serve just enough syrup-drenched baklava with a bitter black coffee to satisfy that craving or unwind with an Ouzo Sour or Brandy Sunburn Cocktail.

Theo was born in London and comes from a large Greek Cypriot family. Theo lived in America for five years, has eaten his way around the world with a backpack and now lives in Hertfordshire with his wife and three children.
After reaching the heats of the semi-finals on Masterchef 2014 Theo resigned from his position as a Board Member of a PLC to follow his passion for ‘food’.
Theo started by hosting his own sell-out pop up restaurant in Hertfordshire cooking an 8-course taster menu championing modern Greek cuisine inspired by his family.
When people couldn’t get a table at Theo’s pop-up restaurant (the waiting list still remains at over 700) he worked as a private chef creating exclusive dinner parties for private clients, eventually receiving recognition in The Financial Times and Telegraph.
Theo’s private dining and popup restaurant won the regional ‘Best Lifestyle Service’ award – you can find out more about his private dining service and read reviews here). Theo is now the full time Executive Chef for Elsewhere Events creating imaginative dining experiences for Elsewhere’s venues and popup events around the world.
In Theo’s spare time he has been a guest chef for the Sheraton Grande in Bangkok, a regular judge for the annual Quality Food Awards and is frequently in the press and other media including The Food Network, BBC Radio and usually has one or two other projects up his sleeve.
Theo Michaels is known for cooking ‘elegant village food’ inspired by the flavours of Cyprus and his travels but also for creating innovative family friendly food that satisfies the reality of modern life.
Theo has appeared on BBC Breakfast News, Sky TV, The Food Network, is a regular on BBC 3CR Weekend Kitchen show and is a regular guest chef on ITV’s This Morning. He is called upon by the national press for comment and interview on private dining, food and drink trends and for recipe inspiration. He’s also regularly spotted cooking at food festivals. Theo’s inspiration for food varies from his roots, his travels to cooking for his family and his love of anything cooked over charcoal.

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Book Review: Probiotic & Life By Dr. Amrita Basu

PROBIOTIC & LIFE : A Beginners Guide to Probiotic Food  and Total Health |Nutrition Secrets(Part3) by [Basu, Dr.Amrita]
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Book Name: PROBIOTIC & LIFE : A Beginners Guide to Probiotic Food and Total Health |Nutrition Secrets(Part3) Kindle Edition

Author: Dr. Amrita Basu

  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • File Size: 1892 KB
  • Print Length: 43 pages
  • Publisher: ABM Press; 1 edition (23 December 2018)
  • Sold by: Amazon Asia-Pacific Holdings Private Limited
  • Language: English

Book Blurb:-

Most people are taking antibiotics more than once a year for various illness.If you are one of them then you must read this. 
Did you know that antibiotics kill both the good bacteria and the bad ones too? 
If you struggle with:
Gut health
Bloating, gas, diarrhea or cramping after meals
Mood swings,
Skin problems
Hair problems
Erratic sleep patterns
Crazy sugar cravings and other unhealthy junk food obsession
weight management 
You don't feel well generally?
These are just some of the symptoms of unhealthy gut. Which is why probiotics are so important for good health. They help grow and sustain the good bacteria and get rid of the bad ones.
Probiotic food is gaining popularity. But do you know you are getting probiotics from the time you are born? Mothers' milk has the first dose of probiotic goodness, which helps improve immunity.

What are the good effects of Probiotics?

Improving digestion, helping in gut motility is one of the biggest benefits of probiotic food.

But they also have a role in preventing dental caries, improving skin health, mental health, reducing serum cholesterol and many other.

Probiotic food or supplements?

Probiotic food like yogurt is great. The only problem is the viability of the organisms. Probiotic supplements, on the other hand, can be a big help. The question is what to have and when.
Should you have home made curd?Should you buy a health drink with Probiotic?What about Probiotic Supplements?How exactly do they work and why is your gut health ,so important for your health and happiness?

My Review:-

Title: The title of this book is so meaningful. After reading the title one can easily get the idea about what the content will be inside the book. The title speaks the characteristics of the book. After reading the title of the book i was fully interested to read this book as I studied biotechnology in my graduation. So, you can say it's totally my genre.

Cover: The cover is designed well. It has been made by matching with the title and it depicts the rest of the story of this book. In the cover, there is pictured two glasses containing materials but i don't understand what the material is. I think it is a kind of feeding materials or fruits though i am not sure. It is not clear in the cover photo. But after reading the title one can guess the material is related to probiotic.

Blurb: The blurb is written and edited well. It depicts the whole story kept inside the book. One can easily get an interest to read the book after reading the blurb portion as it's totally related to human health.

Content inside the book: The content is written and edited well. It can easily attract readers to read this book. It's all about human health and probiotic. If you are a biology or biotechnology student it will be easy for you to understand the content of this book. Authoress has tried to make the content understandable for all so that one can easily make out the meaning of creating this book. She has used lucid language. I would say it's an interesting book to read and you can learn many unknown things regarding probiotic and antibiotic. One can learn from this book - the proper utilization of probiotic and antibiotic and how much we should use those elements and about the nutrition that is essential for our body. I would recommend this book to all kind of readers to make our health better for future use. 

Overall Ratings: 4/5.

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